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OAYAW, Inc., was founded in Berkeley, CA in 2019, with one goal; to build that One App You Always Wanted as a salesperson, to provide relevant information on-demand, to increase productivity, and help close more deals confidently. 

Typical mid-sized or enterprise salesperson uses 8 different applications on any given day. That means customer information is scattered all over these applications and for every meeting or call, salespeople have to search in these applications and do research on customer websites, LinkedIn, company data sources, and Google for news, etc. Integrating these applications and maintaining will become costly, with ever-changing APIs. 

We believe every salesperson should be empowered with enough relevant information, and insights, just when needed, without noise, without data overload to handle every call and meeting confidently.

Combining decades of experience in integrations and customization, blending it with human and artificial intelligence, we aim to provide those insights, to help salespeople, sell confidently.

More Power To Salespeople, Your Organization’s Lifeline!


 To empower every salesperson in every organization, with relevant knowledge, just when needed, to connect with customers, build trust, empathize, sell and close more deals confidently 


We Transform Data
into Actionable Insights,
to Empower People,
to Become Productive,
and Achieve More!


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