Security & Privacy

Product is built ground up with Data Security and User Privacy as first principle. We never share or intend to share or sell any info, but use it only to help you search less & sell more!

GDPR Ready

GDPR Ready

CCPA Ready

CCPA Ready


Best way to reduce the data security risk is by accessing the least set of data

By designing with security and privacy first, we help organizations and users always feel secure about their data.

We understand data is of paramount importance to organizations.

Our solution works with very less information, always fetching application data like Emails, CRM data, documents or tickets, directly from the device or app securely.


Eggs in different baskets

By separating user information, sensitive data, and application data at every possible scenario, we ensure data is always cryptic.

Protect your data at all times

Data in transit and data at rest is always encrypted to ensure that even on devices too, information that we work with is always safe and secure

Store no Transactional data

No transactional data Email content or CRM data like Orders, files, etc is pulled or stored our server. Everything is fetched from the device!

Offline first

By storing less data on device, we reduce the attack surface and make our applications self-sufficient, even when our services are down in an unforeseen incident.

Our commitment to privacy

We extend General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data protection rights to all our customers worldwide, not just in Europe. We also adhere to country specific privacy laws like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and extending the same rights to every customer. 

Customer data is only used to provide agreed upon services, and if you’re no longer a customer, the data is removed. We won’t share or use your personal data for marketing, advertising, or other commercial purposes.  

security policies

Every organization has security policies, and we intend to work with your IT team to support any specific requirement.

1Page integrates with your SSO Identity Prvoiders

Single Sign On (SSO) Providers

Our integration with your existing identity providers like SAML, Okta, Azure AD, Microsoft AD FS, OneLogin, Google GSuite, Ping Identity, etc., gives employees access seamless Single-Sign-On experience, thus removing  need of one more password to remember.

1Page Integrates with Directory Sync

Directory Sync

SCIM integration to your current Directory implementation allows administrators to provision or de-provision users automatically based on changes to your user directory. This provides frictionless onboarding for an entire organization and real-time user deactivation.

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