1Page, with its integration with Dropbox, helps you manage your files for sales meetings. 1Page also generates a summary for meetings with the information on Dropbox, helping you save time preparing for meetings. 

Busy on managing files for selling? 1Page integrates seamlessly with Dropbox so that you can easily access files and documents you have shared with your customers. 

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a free application that allows you to save all your files in the Cloud and to access them with any device. It is an essential application for SDRs because it streamlines every step of the sales workflow. With Dropbox, sales representatives can close deals faster and provide clients with a smooth experience.

Why 1Page?

With over 20 integrations, 1Page delivers a one-page customized summary a few minutes before a meeting. It helps sales representatives to know how to connect with the client, empathize with key points that correspond to each clients’ needs, and sell with confidence. 

Why is Dropbox for 1Page Integration helpful?

Dropbox for 1Page integration saves you time by appropriately attaching files and documents to any Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity record. With this, you can easily access the files of the case of each sale accordingly. 1Page generates a one-page customer-specific summary with the relevant data from Dropbox. The summary is automatically prepared by the applications right before the meeting, so you have files and documents with one click. 

Closing Notes

1Page’s application help salespeople save time in preparing meeting as it automates most of the clients’ background checking process. Its integration with Dropbox allows it to generate accurate summaries. It definitely saves sales representatives a lot of time.