Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most used CRM in Medium-sized organizations and Enterprises, for Sales, Marketing, Support teams across the world to manage their leads, customers, opportunities, deal flow, orders, campaigns, cases, etc. 1Page seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and pulls all relevant information into contact view, all upcoming meetings, tasks, calls, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is vast and for looking up data across these modules, involves multiple clicks, and you usually lose context while searching across these modules. In a typical scenario, if you are meeting Steve from Acme, Inc. in 30 minutes, you will open Microsoft Dynamics 365 and search for Steve. You might get multiple Steves and you have to go right Steve’s profile. Once you are in you might see all necessary details like contact info, opportunities, account information, etc. There is too much data that might not be needed but presented anyway. To navigate to account to see specific information, or opportunity detail, etc., you will have to leave the contact page. So multiple steps – search, find the right person, navigate to other pages for details. Now try doing this when you are in a meeting.

Imagine you are about to meet a customer in a few minutes. 5 minutes before a meeting, 1Page alerts you to prepare for a meeting. Along with all the relevant details of the meeting, the app lists the contacts you are about to meet. Tapping on each one of them, you will be able to see everything you have on this person in various applications, including Microsoft Dynamics 365. We pick only relevant data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, which we believe you need for the meeting. Unlike most integrations, we can customize and give you any additional data from any part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite if that data is accessible.

1Page can help SDRs and AEs help with the Discovery of relevant information quickly, provide Direct Links for more information, their own Notes for future reference. Salespeople will need relevant research about the contact they are contacting and the company they are trying to sell their product. New normal is here to stay. Salespeople need to search less, be equipped with more research quickly so that they can connect better. 1Page can surely help them in their endeavor.

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