Nowadays, businesses utilize data to boost their sales performance. They used several platforms or tools, from Linkedin to Excel, to research and organize the background information of prospective clients. With this information, sales representatives can pitch the clients based on their individual needs. However, it is time-consuming and complicated when it comes to background checking the clients and sales representatives may be misled by the half-true information on the Internet. Therefore, we recommend sales representatives to use an application, namely 1Page, when they research their clients. This AI-driven software helps help you integrate the information of the clients on multiple online platforms. With this, you can save time preparing for meetings and focus on the actual conversation with the clients.

Does your job involve managing the entire sales cycle, finding new clients, and closing deals? Do you need to create business plans to attain goals and quotas, and seek new sales opportunities through your college network? Do you need to present products to prospective clients? If your answer to one of these questions is a “yes”, you are probably an account executive. This is the article for you.

It is no secret that data has been increasingly important and businesses rely more on data in their day to day tasks. However, dealing with data can be daunting, time-consuming, and even all-consuming. So, let’s talk about it.

Why is setting qualified meetings one of the hardest jobs in sales? It is Because most Account Executives (AE’s), SDRs, or anyone in sales spend more time background checking the clients than actually chatting with them. Does it surprise you? On top of that, you probably try to look for more information about the client during the call. You should have known that it is a productivity killer. You always feel unproductive when you research the clients’ information before meetings, right? That’s it. All-consuming!

If you read to this point, you are probably recalling the challenges you have faced at work. For instance, you spend too much time looking for contact information, preparing for meetings (especially those with new clients), or you spend more time than you should on administrative tasks like writing reports or data entry. These tasks are stressful when the major part of your job is acquiring new clients. Data shows that less than 36% of an AE’s time is spent on selling, due to administrative tasks taking over. If this is your case, I have a solution for you. Keep reading to find out.

In today’s digital landscape, data is often seen as “the new oil” for good reasons. The more the data you have, the more resourceful you are you might think. Not exactly. Your data needs to be accurate! Not only should it be accurate, but it also needs to be easily accessible. This is key to any data-driven enterprise. I bet you just sighed in relief when I said “easily accessible” (I promise my solution takes this into account).

At this point, I assume you know what I mean by “bad data”. If not, here is exactly what I mean:
– Inaccuracies (60% of people change job titles yearly)
-Wrong contact information (40% of people change their email address every 2 years)
-Data entered in the wrong field
-Duplicate entries
-Undelivered messages marked as delivered

I should also mention that when issues with data accuracy arise, AE’s can spend up to 50% of their time dealing with data quality issues. This bad data is detrimental to trust. Only 16% of managers fully trust the data they have to make significant decisions.

Here comes the question. Why are average companies losing 12% of their revenue as a result of inaccurate data? It all comes down to the tools and resources you are using. The issue is, you are using many ad-hoc software tools. You use Excel spreadsheets for your numbers, budgets, and financials; CRMs to manage your customers and contacts, and emails to schedule meetings. Using multiple software at a time is counterproductive and overwhelming. These technologies are there to simplify and faster your working process. Yet using different tools for each task, you may work more than how much the tools work for you.

Your inaccurate data, or difficulty in accessing it is wasting you 27.3% of your time. That means you alone, waste 546 hours yearly! Fortune 1000 enterprises lose more money because of the data inaccuracy that they encounter on CRM initiatives according to Gartner. This fact shows that even if you use CRM tools, data inaccuracy still prevails and costs you more than the tools you use to help you combat it. I can help. You can solve this problem in a couple of ways by yourself. You can audit your databases manually (time-consuming), improve your data collection methods manually (time-consuming), or you can automate your data retrieval and maintenance(complicated). Here is my solution. I promise it is effective and easy to use. It will help you acquire and retain new customers while increasing your turnover.

Several CRM tools help you reduce your toggling time between tabs, programs, and spreadsheets. I particularly like 1Page helps you optimize your sales process and your data, in a way that is less time-consuming and more efficient overall.

So, what is 1Page and why do I recommend it? 1Page aims to transform data into actionable insights, empowering users to achieve more, whilst being more productive. 1Page is an app that will provide you with all the information you need about your lead or customer, and comprise it into a one-page summarized report. It notifies you before every meeting so that you are well-prepared for each. 1Page helps you cut your preparation time from 36.5% to 10%. This helps you double your number of meetings and deals, not to mention your productivity. How does it work? With more than 24 website integrations and constant updates, it retrieves all relevant information from emails, CRM, storage, and produces research about the person and company that you need to know for your meeting. After your meeting, you can create a voice note or type a note in the report. It ensures your report is up-to-date and so you are always ready for follow-up meetings.
1Page will increase your data accuracy, make data easily accessible in your pocket because you will no longer have to search for the clients’ background endlessly through platforms and databases. Moreover, you can request for custom integrations that fit your and your team’s needs. Extremely-customer-oriented and with ever-evolving tech, 1Page is the ally you dream of that makes your job anyone’s dream job.

Not convinced? Remember this rule: low data quality = data inaccuracy which = lost deals, customer churn, poor prospects, and poor existing customer relationship. This bad data in your customer communication impacts your total revenue negatively by as much as 25%. It also impacts the customers’ perception of the business and your morale. It is because relying on inaccurate data causes you to lose sales and embarrassing yourself in front of a prospect is frustrating. Just use 1Page to solve your problems. At last, research shows that data inaccuracy directly impacts the bottom line of 88% of companies. This number is astronomical. Don’t let your company be part of this statistic!

Closing Notes
Researching the client’s information is time-consuming and complicated. Meanwhile, it is common for us to encounter misleading information on the Internet. Both of them are detrimental to the performance of a sales team. Therefore, we must find the right tool for this counterproductive issues. As an experienced sales VP, I recommend 1Page. It is currently the only software on the market that uses AI to generate a page of information about your clients before the start of your meeting. It enables you to spend less time on preparing meetings while minimizing the chance of running into flawed information. In summary, it is all about using the best tool!