How would you do to stand out as a sales operator? Research data has shown that sales performance is largely determined by how up-to-date you are with sales technology. Sales software like ServiceNow, 1Page, to name but two, help sales representatives automate, and simplify the meeting preparation process, increasing sales performance in the long run. This article explains in-depth how sales technology works.

According to LinkedIn, there are 6,550,000 users who work in Sales Operations in the US. That is a big number. 

What would you do to stand in Sales Operation? Does your college education or work experience matter?  

Here is a little secret: the key to standing out is staying up to date with the newest sales technology. According to, sales technology is one of the four key challenges Sales Operation teams face. Don’t worry, though. There’s one application that will help, and this software will make you stand out from other sales representatives. It’s called 

What’s so great about this app that will help you achieve your goals? You can integrate many other platforms into one single app. Information from enterprise and personal emails, enterprise and private storages, customer support, CRM, and other platforms, could be put together into one page. Let me take Salesforce as an example. CRM says it can boost productivity by 34% and sales by 29%. This boost is key to meet those quotas. Likewise, when you see another person who has requested a new integration in the app, you will also be offered the same new integration. This feature creates a network of the latest sales tech, allowing you to get an even playing field with everyone else.  

Now you have the apps, but how do you use them to make you be at the top of your game? says that part of the role of Sales Operations is “Defining sales process steps to improve conversions, shorten sales cycles, and maximize wins.” Now that everything is in one location and they are well-organized, you will find that your Sales rep’s interactions with your customers become better, leading them to close more deals.

In a Nucleus Research report, they found that 65% of companies that use mobile CRM to meet their sales quotas. Meanwhile, only 22% of reps who use non-mobile CRM have reached the same targets.  It’s safe to say our phones have become the best investments for our professions. Forrester found that sales reps allocate 26.6% of their time selling to customers, 9.7% speaking to customers regarding non-sales activity, 36.5 % preparing to talk to a customer, and 27.2% on internal admin tasks. This data tells us why Sales Operation needs 1page for their sales team. Not only does it integrate your favorite apps on one page, but also it will also compile all the data you need for your customer into a 5-minute-read report. This feature is crucial because Spotio reports that 42% of sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before making a sales call. Your sales rep can allocate that time to pitch customers, but they still feel even more prepared than ever and seal the deal. 

You probably think this is great and all, but how do you know that you will keep up with all the new sales tech? Just like you, 1page will keep modifying its integrations, researching what works best for you, using metrics to analyze what works and what doesn’t, and examining for you. We are here to serve you and make your life easier. Likewise, we know you want to support your customers, just like we want to assist you. So let’s focus on our integration of ServiceNow for a moment. ServiceNow has personalized self-service and automates common queries. Likewise, it permits you to fix problems promptly and lowers expenses by combining customer service with field service. With this new data, you can monitor trends and inspect your products and services, allowing you to find issues and will enable you to notify your customers sooner.

Now that you’ve been briefed in a five-minute read for your pitch on why you should get 1page, you can see that it works and is the app you’ve always wanted. 

It might sound too good to be true that an application on your phone helps you close deals. In fact, sales technology, particularly sales applications, has become more advanced. Phone apps like 1Page, help you to generate information about the client on a read-friendly page. As a smart person who works in the sales industry, you should always keep up with the technology trend in the industry so that you can catch up with your competitors, or else, you will be left behind.