1Page, a mobile application that helps salesmen prepare meeting notes, is now integrated with Salesforce. With this, sales 1Page will generate a summary with relevant information on Salesforce and now users can access clients’ information on both platforms.

Are you on Salesforce?

Are you a sales representative looking to convert leads and spend lead sales meetings more productively? Let me introduce one solution that will make your work as an SDR easier! CRMs and Salesforce are parts of the solution. The industry-standard CRM offers a powerful solution for managing customer service cases and it collects well-organized customer information. Data on Salesforce can be used to create marketing segments and Salesforce sends out targeted messages to your customers in a marketing campaign. 

Salesforce is integrated with 1Page

By integrating 1Page with Salesforce, you can seamlessly extract useful data on Salesforce for preparing sales meetings. All contacts on the database are automatically synced and are accessible from both systems anytime. 

It is frustrating to use dozens of applications to research the next lead you are about to get on a call with. You waste a lot of time on mundane tasks like switching between apps, sorting contacts information, and rearranging information instead of draft practical talking points with it. 

Now, you can treat 1Page as your personal secretary in your pocket that gives you strong lead intelligence and it is accessible from mobile devices at any time. It balances the ease of jotting down notes with pen and paper and the importance of data entry for future access. With its integration with Salesforce, you can draft your pitching script faster and deliver it to your leads with more relevant information. 

It is unproductive when you need to switch between multiple applications during meeting preparation. Now, you can use an application called 1Page to solve this problem. You can access the data from multiple platforms, including Salesforce, on 1Page. No more nonsense app switching but productive selling!