This release is a significant milestone since our last Enterprise version. We heard from a lot of individuals who wanted to use 1Page for their personal use with fewer integrations and not have to pay $20/user/month, which included more than 25 integrations across Email, CRM, Storage, Support, Custom Integrations which was geared towards medium to large customers.

This version is geared towards a lot of us who are meeting many strangers, not just for sales, but to build networks, raise funds, explore partnerships, evaluate future hires, etc.

So, you can just get started with connecting calendars. We support the following calendar integrations as of now

Connect with Google Calendar (Google Workspace/ Calendar (Office 365/Exchange Online/, Zoho Calendar, Calendly free and paid accounts, CalendarHero (Zoom.AI) free and paid accounts in this release. If you feel we have missed out on a calendar service that you use, please contact us and we will add it to our integrations list.

Connect and sync as many calendar accounts as possible – personal, official, university accounts. No restrictions.

If you are behind any Single-Sign-On services, we can work with your company or university IT team and so that you can connect with your calendars using Bamboo HRGustoJumpCloudWorkdayFirebaseRippling, Generic SAMLADFSAzure Active DirectoryGoogle WorkspaceOneloginOktaOpenID ConnectPingFederatePingOneVMWare or generic SCIM v1.1 or SCIM v2.0 interfaces.

Not every calendar you have in each of those accounts is important. You can pick and choose which calendars you want to see in each account on your homepage.

Happy connecting and building better relationships!