Everybody is selling something

Be it a Salesman selling a product to a prospect, Marketer selling budget to Boss, CEO selling the idea to his employees, Recruiter selling the promise of a job to the candidate, Consultant selling his skills to customer, Customer success team selling assurance and anytime help to a customer,  Teacher selling the knowledge to a student, or Entrepreneur selling the concept to an investor.

The other person in any of the sale transaction is buying for various reasons – salesman’s way of appealing to the needs, sense of urgency of the problem created, how well the salesperson is prepared to answer the question, the research of a salesperson to impress the person.

To be prepared is half the victory.

                      -Miguel de Cervantes

The goal of 1Page is to help every salesman in you, to be prepared for every sale you make!

We have salespeople from more than 100 companies using our product. Though our core focus is selling to companies that meet our ideal customer profile, all along we met many people who said they would love to use the product as an individual with just calendar email and storage services.

We heard you, and today we are launching a freemium product that just caters to anybody who is selling! Lets take you half way so that you go the other half and sell confidently with your skill and charm!

1Page gives you one-page summary for every person you are about to meet, with all relevant info from your apps, so that you can be prepared for every meeting!

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