* With IT Support, we can remove G Suite restrictions for free
¹ Based on your ideal customer profile, we can add Owler, Crunchbase, or Standard & Poor subscriptions at additional cost
² We can integrate your internal applications in a few days, show relevant data at an additional cost.
³ For existing integrations or new integrations, we can customize cards in a few hours, billed per hour
° We can log phone calls to CRM. Requires purchase of phone numbers.
∞ We can record calls and meetings, provide transcription, insights, topics, questions, and tasks, billed per minute.

I do not see software that I am using. Can you integrate it?

Yes, we can. To see complete list of integrations, check

Every month we add many new integrations, and new features, based on user demand. We can integrate specific software on demand too. Talk to us!

What about data security and privacy?

We take data security and your privacy very seriously. Please read about it at 

I have internal application, that I need data from. Can you get it for us?

Yes, we can! Our platform is built to handle such scenarios very well. We integrate any application in days and customize it in hours for your team.

What are the limitations of free version?

Because of COVID-19, we saw huge surge in request from individual account executives and sales development representatives, who had seen our demos and app working in colleagues of other onboarded companies, for simplified version, with reduced functionality. 

We show few meeting alerts per month, you will see few ads, some customizations and new features will be reduced functionality. But our assurance is your meeting preparaton will not be affected, even with these limitations. We will strive to give you more features for free as we go forward.

Show us some love by purchasing higher plans and share the word, to help more salespeople become more productive.

Can I get a demo, before trying the product?

Yes, definitely. Book a meeting!

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