Every organization is unique and so is their sales stack. Pricing comprises of one-time setup, subscriptions, and any integration or customization necessary. 

Our Process



Every Organization is different, be it software they use, how they consume data, target customer size, industry!

We would like to know you and your company better and customize a demo to you and your colleagues

Our first call is to gather your requirements and setup next meeting for demo
Customizing the demo for your needs and finalizing goals for the trial


With customized demo, we align our trial setup for you and your team, for successful implementation!

With guided setup to limited audience, we will be able to customize the solution for your organization, to track effectiveness and productivity.


Roll out

Once we achieve set goals, we will be rolling out to larger audience in a phased way.

With constant feedback, metrics and innovative ways to help your sales organization, we see our success in your success! 


Our success is based on your success! Our team strives hard to make you successful