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Get a one-page customized summary about the person you are meeting, minutes before every meeting!

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 Why 1Page?

The goal of every meeting or call is to connect with the other person. 

To be prepared is half the victory – Miguel de Cervantes

Connect better with the other person as 1Page prepares you for every meeting

Why This Deal?

Our ideal target customers are 100+ employee companies and we have 109 of them

Reason – They have more applications to integrate and customize

For lot of people who are individuals, small teams use most common applications

This deal is for them – we offer free 5 hour customization too 


Who Can Use 1Page


Ask – ‘How about me giving 2% more discount if you can introduce 2 customers?’

Instead of asking or wondering – ‘How much discount I had offered last time? What is his email?’

Make notes, access emails on the fly with 1Page

Real Estate Agent

Ask – ‘Check out 2 new listings of 3 bedroom houses, near daycare center!’

Instead of asking or wondering – ‘Were they looking for 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms ?’

Note preferences, listings shown, anytime with 1Page

VC Analysts

Ask – ‘Were you able to close that enterprise deal you mentioned last quarter?’

Instead of asking or wondering – ‘Can you remind me what do you guys do again?’

Access last deck they shared, your notes on the fly with 1Page


Ask – ‘I will be free for a meeting tomorrow to discuss the appeal process’

Instead of asking or wondering – ‘What was their case number, when is appeal due?’

Quickly access cases and court dates with 1Page 

Angel Investors

Ask – ‘Did the introductions I sent worked for you? I had put in a good word!’

Instead of asking ‘Did I introduce you to someone? Remind me what you guys do?’

Access all emails, decks and notes with 1Page


Ask – ‘How was your interview with Sam? You will be joining their team if accepted.’

Instead of asking or wondering – ‘Is this person Sam’s or Kim’s requirement? Have they approved?’

Access your notes, past emails, quickly with 1Page 

Search less, sell more

Connect from 24 different applications that are already integrated and new integrations we add every month, and get relevant information from them for life!

Ace every meeting

What you get?

In simple words, more free time to do what you really like to do

All existing integrations and future integrations 

Free customization for G-Suite Users 

Free basic company information for life 

Install on any number of Android and iOS devices 

No advertisements for registered email address 

Unlimited meeting alerts before and after meetings 

Automatic post-meeting follow-up-task creation 

Free 30 minute onboarding session 

Free CRM synchronization of meeting notes 

Based on the stack you choose

    * Free 3-10 customization hours on any integrations 

    * Free 3-10 credits per day for redeeming Person and Company insights

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