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How about a stress free meeting prep?

5 minutes before every meeting, let us prepare you for with 1Page summary of everything you want to know from all your applications and more!


According to research, salespeople spend 36.5% of their time preparing for a meeting, while spending only 26.6% of their time talking to customers!

By providing a customized 1 page summary for every meeting, salespeople can prepare for a meeting in 10% of the time, thus getting 100% more time for selling!

In simple terms, we double the number of meetings & chances of winning deals, with the same team, thereby improving CRM adoption and revenue prediction!

Search Less! Sell More!!

Every organization’s data requirement is different. We integrate faster and customize quicker so that we can deliver specific data to a specific user, just when they need it!



Insights Delivered

1Page profile view

How it works

App alerts you, 5 minutes before the meeting with 1 page summary for the meeting

With relevant information from any software like Email, CRM, Storage, etc., and research about the person and their company, you should be prepared for every meeting

Leave a voice note or text note, and it gets in to your CRM and it will be shown next time you meet this person!

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