Show them you know them in every meeting!

No more last minute frantic searches! Get insights about the person you are meeting, conversation starters, talking points and data, minutes before every meeting!

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Day at glance


See current meetings and upcoming meetings from all your calendars

Get alerts before a meeting to prepare and after a meeting to take notes!

Forgot to take notes, you can do it next time you visit the homepage

Meeting details


Join an online meeting with one click or dial in to bridge in seconds

Make notes before, during, and after meetings – visible only to you.

Tap on any contact you are meeting to see insights and your notes about them

Know them


Access agenda and your notes for the upcoming meeting

Show them you know them with insights provided

Talk about places they have been, worked, or studied 

Talking points


Go through social profiles for talking points without searching for them

If you had met them before, check notes from that meeting

Make mental note of common interests to talk about during meeting



Trust builds up when common connections are bought up during the meeting

Find colleagues, seniors, or classmates contact might know

If you had been to same place as them, that could be a conversation starter


Is it for me?

If you are a person who meets lot of new people like prospects, customers, investors, executives, entrepreneurs, it always makes sense to do your research about them. 1Page helps you with insights you can use to build trust and  deeper relationship.

Founders, Executives

When a job demands a lot of meetings, keeping track of people, notes, and insights about them becomes a challenge. Not with 1Page!

Salespeople, Analysts

Being the first voice the prospect hears about the company, one has to make the best impression. 1Page helps you with insights about the person and their company

Man talking confidently to customer with 1Page insights

Built with you in mind

Privacy and Security First

GDPR and CCPA ready

GDPR is one of the most comprehensive privacy laws and we adhere and extend our users, same privacy rights as any EU citizens. We are CCPA ready too.


Your data is your data

We do not sell, share your information. We collect very basic info to reduce attack surface and use it to help you build trust and deeper connections 

Data Security

All our servers and services are hosted on  SOC2 Complaint Microsoft Azure datacenters. All data on the device and from our server to your device is encrypted.

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Show them you know them in every meeting!