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Love Preparing for meetings!

Is your meeting prep involves opening many tabs, frantic search across applications? Or do you just wing it? How about 5-minute meeting preparation sound? 

What we do

We help you prepare for every sales meeting in a few minutes
We make you enter every meeting with a never before confidence
We help you follow-up every contact you meet regularly

COVID-19 changed
our way of selling

We are doing more research before meetings than before!
We have more distractions than before, breaking our flow of research!
We do not have office peer-support or water-cooler moments anymore!
Prospects are seeing budget cuts and are becoming more picky!

You need more research on person and company
You have make best effort of time you get with prospect
Not by searching frantically, but connecting well with them

1Page can help you search less, sell more!  


Satisfied Companies

Sales Rockstars

Insights Delivered

Salesperson using 1Page and confident and happy

Sell With Never-Before Confidence

Get an alert 5 minutes before a meeting, prompting you to prepare for a meeting!

Get 1Page summary for every meeting attendee, with relevant info from all your applications!

Recent Emails with them, CRM info – deals/opportunities, files you need, notes, LinkedIn!

After meeting, get an alert to record your meeting notes, leave a text or voice note, before you forget!

Setup automatic tasks to remind you to follow-up in one click!

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