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Get summary of every call and action items

Get insights from applications you use

Get company insights from the tools you have access to

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"1Page has been a game-changer for our sales team! The real-time insights and one-page summaries have streamlined our sales process and saved us valuable time. It's a must-have tool for any sales professional."

Praveen Nune

"1Page has transformed how we approach sales. It's an incredibly valuable tool that has helped us build better relationships with our customers and close more deals."

Lisa Singh
Sales Director

"With 1Page, I feel more confident going into every meeting. Having all the key information at my fingertips in Microsoft Teams has made a significant impact on my sales success."

Sarah Lee
Account Executive

"We saw a noticeable improvement in our team's productivity and performance after implementing 1Page. The real-time insights and integration with our existing Microsoft tools have made a significant difference."

Sarang Naik
Sales Operations Manager

"The integration of 1Page with Microsoft Teams is seamless, and the one-page summaries are a lifesaver. It's impressive how much time and effort it saves us during our sales interactions."

Roberto Silas
Sales Representative

"1Page has made a significant impact on our sales process. The ability to access key insights during meetings has enhanced our customer interactions and boosted our overall sales efficiency."

Emily Huber
Sales Development Representative

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