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Every organization software requirement is unique and so is their sales stack. We integrate with most popular ones in each type of software. Our platform can integrate any software you use, in days and customize the data you see, in hours.


Emails are the lifelines of every business. For every contact in our app, we show only those emails between you and the contact, so that you don’t have to search for them. Attachments from those emails are extracted and shown separately so that you don’t have to look for them again!


CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. For every contact or lead in our app, we show relevant details like opportunities/deals you are tracking, contact information, last activities, tasks and your notes!

Document Storage

Document storage services allow users to securely store, access, and collaborate across sales and marketing teams. For every contact in our app, we show all recently changed files that you might be working on, relevant folders for contact, case studies, marketing material, etc!


Customer Support

Custom support systems are designed to help you track, prioritize, and solve customer support interactions. For every contact in our app, we show all the support tickets raised by the customer and its status so that as a salesperson, you are aware of them, before getting into a call or meeting.


Company Information

Knowing the customer is half the battle in every conversation. One has to search across customer websites, LinkedIn, company data sources, Google for news about the company, etc. For every contact, we show curated information about the company like one-liner, employee count, news, founders, competitors, etc.


Single Sign On / Identity Providers

SSO/ Identity providers enable employees to log in just one time with one set of credentials to get access to all corporate apps. Our app integrates with your existing identity providers to help you have secure and seamless access to organization data.


Directory Sync

SCIM integration allows your app to provision or de-provision users automatically based on changes to your customer’s user directory. Our platform integrates with your existing directories to help you provision or de-provision users automatically based on organization practices.


Not seeing a software you use? No problem. Our platform is built in such a way that we can integrate any software you use in days, and customize the data you see, in hours!


You know what data is relevant for your business. We can get that data from your systems, and show relevant data to your sales team to win in every sales meeting!

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