1Page on Microsoft Copilot

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows across various Microsoft applications. It acts as an intelligent assistant, helping users navigate through tasks with ease and efficiency. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, Microsoft Copilot transforms the way professionals interact with their digital environment, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Microsoft Copilot stands out for its ability to understand and execute complex commands, providing users with a seamless experience. Whether it's drafting emails, organizing data, or generating reports, Copilot's capabilities are vast and diverse. Learn more about Microsoft Copilot.

How 1Page Works with Microsoft Copilot

1Page is a revolutionary tool that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Copilot, enhancing the sales process by providing AI-powered client and company insights. This integration allows users to access valuable insights and information effortlessly.

  • For Individual Contacts:

When you ask Copilot about a person, it generates relevant information. By clicking on the person card, users are taken directly to the 1Page contact screen, where detailed insights are available.

<copilot - user types in prompt - copilot writes the output - user clicks on person card - takes user to 1Page contact screen>

  • For Company Information:

Similarly, asking Copilot about a company yields comprehensive data. Clicking on the company card in the Copilot interface leads users to the 1Page company screen for in-depth corporate insights.

<copilot - user types in prompt - copilot writes the output - user clicks on company card - takes user to 1Page company screen>

  • For Meeting Details: 

Inquiring about specific meetings through Copilot provides users with detailed outputs. Selecting the meeting card redirects to the 1Page meeting screen, offering all necessary meeting-related information.

<copilot - user types in prompt - copilot writes the output - user clicks on meeting card - takes user to 1Page meeting screen>

Getting Started with 1Page on Microsoft Copilot

To begin using 1Page within Microsoft Copilot, follow these steps:

Install 1Page via Microsoft Teams by navigating to 'Teams -> Add Apps -> 1Page'. 

Alternatively, click here to add 1Page directly to your Teams app. 

What You Will See in 1Page

1Page presents a user-friendly interface with various sections:

  • Home Page: The starting point for your 1Page experience.
  • Event: Access details about upcoming events and meetings.
  • Person: View information about individual contacts.
  • Request: Make specific information requests.
  • Redeem: Utilize features and services offered by 1Page.
  • See Entire Page: Get a comprehensive view of all the information available on a particular topic.

How to Get Started on Copilot with 1Page

To activate 1Page on Microsoft Copilot:

  • Go to the Copilot interface and enable 1Page. 
  • Start asking questions to receive insights and data.

For a more detailed understanding, book a demo here.

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